Hi everyone, I’m Anton Schoff.

What do I do? Digital Marketing at Rocket Internet. I have spent years trying to find the right method and finally I have.

The problem with digital marketing is that there is too much garbage out there. Please if you have any questions at anytime, just shoot me a message. I love speaking to new people and as a personal goal am making it an effort to meet someone new every couple of days. I love looking back on experiences and smiling.

I am an engineer who grew up in Germany. Instead of sticking with engineering i found my calling in marketing. Boy do I love marketing.

This blog will explain my love on SEO and all things digital marketing, stay tuned for more!!

Despite where you look, it gives off an impression of being there, hence. why I love it. In the event that you start writing, you must plan ahead and have a goal in place. This is my first and most important advice. Take your enthusiasm and find your niche, remember that research and content will always be king.

Timetable to go out for a walk, see several partners or even simply a 5 moment time out. Having unavoidably outside of blogging will anticipate burnout and permit you to come back from your break masterminded to make wonderful substance. Precisely when information is given on your site, react to it. Obviously, don’t issue it a chance to really affect you.

Good luck out there!


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